Let's face it, Spring in Canada is by no means warm. Especially not in cities like Toronto or Montreal where there has been snow, freezing rain, and below 10°C temperatures all week. You could escape all that though. This company wants to hire Canadian drivers to take a free trip to Florida, but there's one catch. 

The company is called Cars to Florida, a driving service specifically for Canadian and US snowbirds, AKA people who like to spend their winters in Florida. The service allows the people to have their own car with them down in the sunshine state without having to drive it down themselves or pay crazy fees to ship them there. 

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Now as the winter is officially coming to a close those snowbirds are all getting ready to come back to Canada and that means they'll want their cars with them, but again not everyone wants to make the trek up. So Cars to Florida is now reaching out to drivers in Canada, looking for people who are willing to fly down to places like Miami, Key West, and Orlando, and bring the snowbirds' cars back up to the GTA, Montreal, and other Canadian cities. 

The company's founder, Darren Francisco has made the appeal in a statement saying that they have an immediate need for drivers. He credits their growing client base and the time of year with the urgent need for drivers. 

He also says in the statement that this isn't a job but rather an experience. "This is not a job but a great way to travel with expenses covered," he said. "Many drivers use this opportunity to visit family or friends, play a few rounds of golf, or simply enjoy some relaxation on a beach or pool deck before the trip commences."

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Since it's not technically a job, you won't be paid money but rather have all your expenses covered. The fee they provided is meant to compensate for your flight to Florida, the cost of gas, and a hotel alone your drive. 

Speaking of the drive, people interested in taking this opportunity should be prepared to spend a lot of time on the road. For example, the drive from Miami to Toronto is approximately 24 hours long. 

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Anyone with time to spare, a love of driving, and the desire to soak up some sunshine is advised to visit Cars To Florida's website or call them at 1-888-653-5674. 

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