Across the country, provincial governments release salary disclosures for public sector employees. These include teachers, nurses, and police officers, among others. From those disclosures comes the Sunshine List, which includes any employee that makes more than $100K a year. 

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If you look at a number of different Sunshine Lists from BC to Newfoundland, you will find that a large number of police officers actually make the lists. In fact, in some larger cities like Vancouver and Toronto, over half of the officers on the police force make the list with their six-figure salaries. 

You may be surprised to hear that some police officers are paid so well. On the other hand, others may believe that it's well earned considering the crazy shifts and constant dangers that officers face. 

The sunshine list only paints part of the story, though. Across the country, the salaries for police officers differ greatly. Even in any given force, there is a range of wages based on experience and rank. Coast to coast, these are the highest and lowest annual salaries of police officers in any given province. 

1. British Columbia

Cities in British Columbia, like all police forces, have a scaled system for the pay. For example in Vancouver, the lowest annual salary is $70,154/year for a probationary constable. Meanwhile, the highest annual salary is $100,220 for a 1st class constable who has been working for at least four years. 

2. Alberta

In Alberta, specifically in the City of Edmonton, there is an even bigger range of salaries. While their lowest salary is less than in Vancouver at $67,414/year for a 1st-year constable, their highest annual officer salary is more at $100,619 for a 5th-year constable. 

Their highest base salary in the entire police force is $132,816/year which is for staff sergeants. 

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3. Saskatchewan

Compared to other provinces, Saskatchewan police have a much lower pay range. In Saskatoon, the lowest base salary for a probationary constable is $53,493.12/year. The highest officer salary is only $97,260.48/year for a 1st-class constable in their 5th year. 

Like in Alberta, the absolute highest salary is for staff sergeants whose base salary is $128,383.68/year. 

4. Manitoba

In Winnipeg, Manitoba police officer salaries are very similar to those in Saskatchewan. The lowest salary is $53,532.86/year for a starting officer and the highest is $96,850.65 for a first-class constable after five years. 

5. Ontario

Ontario's police officer salaries are higher than the Prairies but lower than BC and Alberta. In Toronto, the lowest salary is for cadets in training who make $62,009.42/year. The highest base salary is $98,452/year for a 1st-class constable. 

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6. Quebec

In Quebec, specifically in Montreal, police salaries are lower than some of the other provinces. The lowest salary for a class 7 constable is $44,094 /year. The highest for a first-class constable is still only $83,197/year. 

There are some higher up positions in the force, too. A captain there earns $110,727/year. 

7. New Brunswick

In the Atlantic region, police salaries tend to be on the low or middle end of the scale. In Fredericton, New Brunswick the lowest base salary is $60,501.34/year for a constable 4. The highest is $94,569.80/year for a constable 1. 

The highest salary again goes to the staff sergeant, who earns $115,803.38/year. 

8. Prince Edward Island

PEI police salaries are on the lower end of the scale, even for management positions. In Charlottetown, the lowest of them is $48,464/year for an entry level constable. The highest officer salary is $82,460/year for a 1st-class constable. 

In PEI, even their absolute highest salary is under $100k at only $99,609/year for an inspector. 

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9. Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia police salaries are pretty average compared with the rest of the country and slightly higher than the other Atlantic provinces. In Halifax, the lowest salary is $59,155.59/year while their highest is $98,592.64/year. Though they don't specify the exact positions of each. 

10. Newfoundland

Newfoundland salaries are on par with the others. The lowest police salary for the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is $51,018.01/year for a first-year recruit. The highest officer salary is $95,233.61/year, though that's only for constables with over 25 years experience. 

The absolute highest salary in Newfoundland is for a staff sergeant at $110,539.01/year. 

11. Canada - RCMP 

Apart from all the provinces and cities, Canada also has a national police force. The RCMP serve across the country, especially in smaller towns and communities. Their lowest salary is $53,144/year for an entry level constable. After three years, a constable can make $86,110/year. 

The absolute highest salary for officers in the RCMP is $146,735/year for a superintendent. 

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These salaries listed represent the most recent information for police forces across the country. Beyond that, these are base salaries, meaning they don't include the officers' benefits and any promotions they are eligible for. 

Those extra salary add-ons explain how thousands of police officers in Canada are making Sunshine Lists across the country. Whether on not that's too much, remains up for debate across the country. 

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