Ryan Reynolds is starring in a brand new movie, and the latest details have just been released! The beloved Canadian actor will be in an all-new Pikachu movie called Detective Pikachu, which will be released next year in 2019. The trailer just dropped today and here's everything you need to know about the new movie. 

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Ryan Reynolds will be the voice of Pikachu in this new live-action flick, which is a spinoff of the popular Pikachu video games. Check out the full trailer that was just released today. 

In the trailer, we're introduced to Pikachu voiced by Ryan Reynolds. The actor brings some playful sass to the role. The trailer shows the first meeting of Pikachu and the main character, who is a teenager played by Justice Smith. Only Smith's character can understand what Pikachu is saying and the two partner up to find Smith's missing father. 

The movie focuses on the main character teaming up with Pikachu to find his kidnapped father, according to VarietyDetective Pikachu is set in a world where people use Pokemon to battle, according to IMDB

Fans have been absolutely freaking out over the news, and the trailer was posted onto Twitter. Check out some of their reactions. 

Detective Pikachu will also star Justice Smith and Kathryn Newton alongside Ryan Reynolds. The live-action film is set to be released on May 10th, 2019. 

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