In wake of all the Harvey Weinstein stories that've emerged over the past week, #MeToo sends a powerful message from social media. Dozens of women came forward and revealed that big-time movie producer, Harvey Weinstein, had sexually harassed them or made them feel physically and emotionally unwell.

The stories poured in with similar formulas - almost all of them involving Weinstein, a hotel and the proposal of a shoulder rub. Women around the internet sympathized with the victims, sharing their stories of similar sexually inappropriate behaviour from a co-worker or higher-up. 

Freelance writer Anne Donahue sparked a conversation early last week, prompting female followers with the question, "When did you meet your Harvey Weinstein?" 

As women typed their responses, many shared disturbing accounts of inappropriate and illegal behaviour from their youth. 

With sexual assault becoming a louder and louder topic of conversation, celebrities chimed in with their experiences. Alyssa Milano shared this image on Twitter, prompting women to use the hashtag #MeToo to demonstrate how many women have fallen victim to assault and harassment. 

Milano received millions of responses, prompting women to share the hashtag #MeToo on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  

To date, over 500,000 tweets have been shared with #MeToo, shedding light on an often quieted societal issue. It is our sincere hope that these stories will help bring awareness to the international issue that is sexual assault and harassment. 

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