A common reason why people choose to rent apartments is that they can’t afford to buy a house. And with the way Canada’s real estate market is right now who can blame them?  

But just because it’s cheaper than getting a mortgage doesn’t mean that it isn’t super expensive over all. 

In fact according to a new map released by the Canadian Rental Housing Index (that you can see below) if you’re renting in Canada you’re probably paying a completely insane amount.  

Via Canadian Rental Housing Index

As you can see just about everywhere in Canada is REALLY REALLY expensive to rent in.

Unsurprisingly much of both Ontario and B.C. qualifies as “extremely unaffordable” according to the map, but there are other provinces that are also classified as super expensive that you wouldn’t expect. 

Newfoundland and Labrador for example also is classified as “extremely unaffordable.”    

Via newfoundlandlabrador

So does much of the Yukon, as well pretty much all of Nova Scotia. 

Of all the provinces in Canada that border the United States Manitoba seems to be the most well off in terms of affordable rent. 

That’s excluding the part in and around the city of Winnipeg, that’s super expensive.  

According to the infographic, Nunavut seems to be the most affordable province/territory in the country. Along with, northern Ontario, northern Manitoba and the North West Territories.

Via nunavuttourism

So maybe we should all pack our things and move up there to save money on where we live.  

It seems that regardless of where you live in this country you're going to be paying a lot of money to have a roof over your head though. 

Source: Canadian Rental Housing Index

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