Canada is no stranger to snow or ski resorts. When you're blasted with cold weather and the fluffy white stuff for 8 out of the 12 months in the year, you kind of have to start warming up to the idea of winter activities, even if the winter and all things winter sports related are so not your thing. 

But one Canadian ski resort in particular might have a little something to that will keep the insides of your wallet warm and full. According to a new ranking by a travel website, the Mont Tremblant Ski Resort is the most affordable spot in Canada to ski, and the 5th most affordable in North America. 

via @monttremblant

Based on a variety of factors like the average cost of equipment rentals, lift passes, and food costs, Mont Tremblant trumped most Canadian ski resorts. 

According to the ranking, the average cost for a one-day-and-night trip to Mont Tremblant is about $186.71. The study doesn't specify if this is in U.S. or Canadian dollars, but given that it was conducted by an American travel company, let's assume it's in USD and the actual cost would be about $236.53 CAD. 

via @monttremblant

Part of the reason why Mont Tremblant made it to number 1 in Canada in terms of pricing might be the frequent deals they offer to their guests, including their Winter Break Offer that gives you up to 55% off on 5 days of skiing. 

The slopes officially open for skiers and snowboarders on November 23rd. You can check out there complete list of current deals and packages here.   

Source: Montreal Gazette 

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