While suntanning is probably a distant dream for most people considering the current climate, it's never too early to start thinking about Summer 2018 as well as UV rays and their effects. While it sounds like a boring topic, UV damage can host a ton of different problems, from early aging and wrinkles to effects as dangerous as getting skin cancer. Though it looks like L'Oreal has created some pretty impressive technology to at least give people a better idea of how much sun they're getting, and when they should find some shade. 

The beauty brand recently revealed a chip that looks and acts as "nail art," called the UV Sense, where you place it on your nail and it detects and measures the amount of UV exposure you are getting. The whole "nail art" angle is due to the fact that the company claims that your nails are the easiest and most successful area for registering how much sun you are getting. So by applying it as nail art, it makes it super easy to wear and hardly noticeable!

In order to attach it to your nail, the device comes with adhesive slips that last two weeks at a time. With the sensor only measuring 9 millimeters, being battery free and activated by UV light, you'll forget the chip is even there after a few minutes! 

From there all of the information the chip gathers is tracked on a downloadable app where you are able to see how much sun you get each day, and when you are getting too much. The data is shown in real time too, so if you are at a high level of risk dependant on how many UVA and UVB rays you are absorbing while tanning, the app issues you a warning!

Via L'Oreal USA

This is a great tool to help anyone who is chronically prone to burning get a better idea of how long they can last in the sun. Though it proves to be an even better tool for people who never burn considering they've finally now can get an idea of how much sun is too much. 

While pricing is still being finalized, the UV Sense is set to launch first in the U.S this upcoming Summer and then open up to the international market come 2019. If you are looking for future updates, you can click here to get some more information on the product! 

Source: Cosmopolitan 

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