As Canadians, we are pretty used to the cold temperatures that winter brings. We’ve learned to bundle up and brave the below zero temperatures and most of us have become pretty good at it. However, Quebec has reached a whole new level of cold today when temperatures in Northern regions have dropped under -30!

According to the Weather Network temperatures within Northern Quebec are expected to remain below 30 until Wednesday and will make it the coldest air within the Northern Hemisphere at the moment, this is even beating Russia and Greenland! So, if you haven’t pulled out your mittens and scarves, I would definitely recommend doing so!

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These cold temperatures are caused by a pocket of freezing Arctic air that will move through Quebec until Wednesday morning. Weather Network meteorologist, Tyler Hamilton, reaches out about these pockets stating, “Three pockets on the Northern Hemisphere will have the coldest temperatures that we can track this week,”

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These cold winds will make Quebec one of the coldest areas on Earth this week, according to the Weather Network.

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But don’t worry, Canada isn’t the only one. These pockets of Arctic air are also predicted to affect parts of Greenland and Russia near the end of the week, with temperatures that will drop below -40 by Wednesday morning.

As these pockets of air move through Wednesday night and into Thursday morning, southern parts of the province, like Montreal, Quebec City and Trois-Riverees, will also feel the effects and are predicted to drop down to -20s. 

So make sure to stay warm! You are living in the coldest place in the Northern Hemisphere! BRR! 

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