It's been quite clear as of late that this holiday season is very different from previous years. From "Baby It's Cold Outside" being deemed too inappropriate for radio to the animation of "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" getting labelled as an abusive and problematic cartoon, a lot of traditions for many people during the holiday season have been under speculation.

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Though, one principal named Jennifer Sinclair in Nebraska seemed to take being "woke" during the holiday season a step too far. Leaving many people wondering where the line for situations like these should be drawn. 

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Jennifer Sinclair went as far as to ban candy canes from the school she works as a principal at, being Manchester Elementary School. Claiming it was due to the fact that they are shaped like a "J" that is meant to stand for Jesus, and that the "red is for the blood of Christ, and the white is a symbol of his resurrection." Sinclair deemed it offensive to bring the treats into the classroom with regard to students who aren't Christian or Catholic. 

Sinclair didn't stop their either, even policing the decorations that teachers could put up in their classrooms. While holiday neutral decor such as snowflakes, snowmen, penguins, Olaf and polar bears were okay, Sinclair banned any decor related to Santa, elves, Christmas trees and reindeer. Teachers couldn't even hang up decorations that were red and green. 

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This also included banning any activities that were geared towards a specific holiday. For example, letting students decorate their own ornaments was what Sinclair believed to be an assumption that "the family has a Christmas tree which assumes they celebrate Christmas."

While the efforts were meant to be in support of the various religions represented at the school, one might wonder why the principal didn't think to have teachers just include all religious holiday celebrations in the classroom. 

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Regardless, the local school board caught wind of the situation after Sinclair told teachers "I'm hopeful we can avoid the discomfort of me directly questioning something you've copied, posted and had your kids do." Since then the principal has been put on leave and the ban on Christmas has been lifted from the school. 

Source: The WHIG 

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