The Northern Hemisphere has been consumed in a scorching heat wave that has broken records in both Canada and the U.S., especially in the eastern regions.

According to Ross Hull, a Global News meteorologist, the past week has exhibited “the hottest stretch of weather in more than a decade.” Some of the hottest places in Canada include Ottawa and Montreal, which reached ‘real feel’ temperatures of 47 C and 37 C over the Canada Day long weekend, respectively.

The heat has been so particularly bad in Quebec that as many as 19 people have died as a result.

While meteorologists predict a cool down will arrive sometime later this week, Canada and the U.S. are still facing sweltering temperatures today. According to a daily temperature map by Accuweather, both countries are still engulfed in heat:

Parts of Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick as well as a bulk of the northeastern U.S. states are seeing temperatures between 30 to 40 C today, as indicated by the dark red colour.

Some areas in central and western Canada are experiencing temperatures within the 25 to 30 C range, and even Arctic cities way up north like White Horse and Yellowknife are experiencing temperatures above 20 C.

Heat warnings continue to be issued across the country and residents are advised to stay cool and hydrated during the heat wave.

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