This story was originally published on May 15. 

A driver in the Toronto area posted video footage from their dash cam of a woman jumping out of a moving car on Highway 401. In the video, the passenger door of a white SUV swings open and the woman falls out of the car as it flies down the express lane at full speed.

The woman rolls across the road and immediately gets up without any visible injuries. She grabs her belongings off the ground and doesn't get back into the car -- instead, she runs off into the shoulder lane.

Via rascalz1504, Reddit

 A man, who appears to be the driver of the SUV she was in, left the car in the middle of the lane with its hazard lights flashing. He ran towards her and started waving for her to come back, but she'd already started walking the other way.

Less than a minute later, the man got back into the car and pulled off into the shoulder lane. He can be seen running out of the view of the dash cam, presumably to talk to the woman who jumped out of his car. 

Via rascalz1504, Reddit


The driver who captured the dash cam video, a Reddit user with the name rascalz1504, says that they asked the woman if she was okay "but she did not speak any English. She then continued to walk in the emergency lane away from the vehicle."

Rascalz1504 says that the driver "went to try and get her to come back and then left the scene. Luckily she wasn't seriously injured and only had minor bruises."

Click here to watch the full video on Reddit. 

The Reddit user says that police arrived on scene five minutes later to pick the woman up. Many people seem to think that the incident was part of a "domestic dispute" and the woman jumped out in a desperate attempt to escape. 


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