Disney fans were completely surprised yesterday when a disturbing float glided down the streets of Disney World. 

Yesterday, on May 11th the "Festival of Fantasy" parade took over Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Florida. If you're a Disney fan like me, then you know that hundreds, maybe even thousands, of travellers go to Disney specifically to watch their parades. 

So, the park's patrons were really surprised and scared when they saw that a huge dragon in the parade suddenly erupted into flames. Yes, literal flames. 

The dragon float was designed to look like the villain from Sleeping Beauty, Maleficent. It must've malfunctioned because it was gliding down the streets of Disney when it suddenly becomes engulfed in thick black smoke, only to catch completely on fire. 

Yes, the dragon was supposed to have flames coming out of the dragon's mouth, but it didn't take long for patrons to realize that this was not apart of the show, and the float had malfunctioned.

A fire department was called right away, but by then the fire was already put out. 

A ton of people caught the whole ordeal on camera. It definitely seems like something out of a child's nightmare... I personally go to Disney World to have fun and see cute replications from my favourite classic Disney films, not to see a fiery terrifying mess. 

At the very least, these patrons will truly never forget their trip to Walt Disney World.

Source: Hollywood Life

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