You walk into McDonald's or pull into the drive-through only to find an incredibly long line that literally feel like it is never going to move EVER. Even after 10 minutes go by you're still near the back with your tummy grumbling getting more frustrated by the second.

We've all been there. Waiting for what is supposed to be 'fast food' is something that is annoying for everyone.

And now we may know the reason that lineups feel like they're taking FOREVER.

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Apparently the new machines that you can use to order at the restaurant are the cause of the slowdown. McDonald's employees are having to learn to use new technologies and that's making everything take longer. They're also having to learn new menu options and customized orders, which only increases the wait time of customers.

And to top it all off some employees are getting so stressed out with all the things they are having to do that they're quitting, which means the restaurant has to hire someone new and train them.

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And the one thing we know, is that when there are a ton of new trainees, things get slowed down while they're learning.

Technology is supposed to make everything easier, but in the case of McDonald's it's really just making things harder.

So next time you line up for a Big Mac keep in mind that you may just be waiting longer than you did a few years ago.

Source: Financial Post

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