With June right around the corner, it doesn't really feel like the summer months are almost upon us. Rain and gloom have plagued most of southern Ontario for the past few weeks and while all we really want is a little bit of sunshine, it looks like that won't be in the forecast for today. Environment Canada has just issued a severe thunderstorm watch for most of southern Ontario, including Toronto. 

Environment Canada is warning those in southern Ontario that thunderstorms are expected to develop throughout the afternoon and bring dangerous conditions with them. So if you have any plans for this afternoon, you might want to reconsider because the Office of the Fire marshal and Emergency Management is advising residents to take cover immediately if threatening weather approaches. 

These thunderstorms are expected to bring a variety of threats with them throughout this afternoon and evening. Strong winds are one of the main concerns as these storms move through. These gusts of winds are suspected to break off branches, toss loose objects, damage buildings and even overturn large vehicles. Any patio furniture that may have put out for the warmer weather should be secured down or moved to somewhere safe. The Weather Network warns that these gusting winds could reach up to 90 km/h. 

Along with these gusting winds, large hail, heavy downpour and lightning are also expected throughout Toronto and the rest of Southern Ontario.  Environment Canada warns Ontarians that lightning kills every year, and if thunder is heard, Ontarians should seek shelter immediately. 

Environment Canada also warns that this heavy downpour can also cause localized and flash flooding. Water is expected to pool on roads, especially those with poor drainage systems. That means if you have had plans today, make sure to drive slow and safe throughout the evening. 

The Weather Network states that most of the storm threats throughout southern Ontario will lift late Saturday evening. While these thunderstorms are expected to be harsh throughout the rest of the day, Ontarians can expect to see some sunshine on Sunday. 

Toronto is expected to reach a high of 21°C throughout the day tomorrow. So make sure to get outside and enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. 

 The Weather Network predicts that June will also see some cool temperatures that we have seen this month. They state that cooler than normal temperatures are expected throughout the first week of June. 

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