While the weather in southern Ontario this morning may feel sunny and warm, it's not expected to remain in super sunny for much longer. This afternoon, severe thunderstorms and even hail are threatening parts of southern Ontario. So make sure to a pack an umbrella if you are planning to leave your house throughout the rest of the day. 

The Weather Network warns that the weather may put a damper on your long weekend plans as a storm starts to move throughout the majority of southern Ontario. While summer-like heat will be present today, with some areas even feeling as warm as 30 degrees, you won't be able to enjoy the weather as much as you would like. Two strong thunderstorms are expected throughout the southwest, GTA and even cottage country during the late afternoon and evening. 

That's right, the Weather Network is calling for not one, but two storms to hit Ontario throughout the day. The humid air that is hitting southern Ontario this morning will be fuel for the first storm. The first storm isn't as expected to be as strong as the second, but heavy rain is still expected throughout the afternoon. 

The second round to storms are expected to be more severe than the first and will be hitting southern Ontario into the evening and the early overnight hours. These storms are expected to bring heavy rain, strong winds, and even hail as they travel across the province. 

Hail is expected to be pea-dime sized and Ontarians are encouraged to stay indoors during this heavy storm as lightning is expected to cause a threat to anyone who is outside for the long weekend. Depending on where you are throughout the province, wind gusts are also expected to hit up to 60 km/hr near the Niagra, Windsor, and London regions. While wind gusts are expected to reach up to 40 km/hr throughout the GTA. 

While all of southern Ontario will be feeling the effects of these two storms, the Weather Network shows that the western side of Southern Ontario, in areas such as Windsor and London, will be getting the most severe storms throughout the evening. 

The Weather Network also warns that these strong winds could result in large waves forming on the shorelines of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, which may affect your plans if you were planning on spending the long weekend on the water. 

If you were also planning on celebrating Victoria Day with some fireworks tonight, that might also be put to a halt. The Weather Network states that as these storms continue to move in through southern Ontario firework shows may be canceled throughout the evening. 

Rain is expected to stop throughout the day on Monday. 

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