This is a sad reality. A TikTok trend is all about women keeping others safe on a night out. Canadians are taking part in it by sharing what happened to them and even tips.

This article contains graphic content that might not be suitable for some readers.

While TikTok is known for funny videos, some women are using the social media platform to talk about something serious, getting drugged.

People are sharing their experiences and ways to protect each other.

Torontonian Mel Hall, whose handle is renaissancewomanhood, has been posting videos for a while now about drinks getting spiked.

She has shared a story about friends of hers getting drugged at a bar and tips on how to protect your drink when out like putting a coaster over it.

Her most-viewed TikTok video is of her showing how it's sometimes hard to notice if someone puts something in your drink even while you're around it.

Throughout the clip, she discretely drops popcorn kernels into a glass.

After two minutes of practising, she managed to get five kernels in the drink without it making a splash or being obvious about it.

She did things like going for a handshake overtop of the glass and reaching for one beside it as ways to sneakily spike the drink.

Montrealer Stephanie Tavares, whose TikTok handle is solooosteph, took part in this trend by sharing her own experience.

Last year, two men bought her and her girlfriend drinks.

Tavares drank it but her girlfriend didn't. Five minutes later she was on the ground.

A day after she posted the clip about what happened to her, she shared another one that showed the comments of people who blamed her.

According to BuzzFeed News, this trend was started by enoughliv on TikTok.

Her video about holding another woman's drink at a party while she goes to the bathroom has more than four million views.

Recently, a Toronto woman almost got drugged by a man she was on a date with who allegedly spiked her drink while she was in the bathroom.

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