Tim Hortons creating its own app was supposed to make ordering and getting rewards easier. Unfortunately, an update to the software seems to have made it unable to do either for thousands of customers. With the Tim Hortons app not working, some customers have even lost money.

According to a report from CBC News, somewhere around 20,000 out of two million app users were affected by updates between December 20 and February 21.

Some of these people were locked out of the app entirely and lost money that they had already added to their accounts.

"Our job is customer service, and we did fall down there and for that, we do apologize to our guests who did call back," a Tim Hortons spokesperson told CBC News, "It was not a level of service that our guests deserve."

A number of customers shared their dissatisfaction with the updated app on Twitter. 

"@TimHortons has my money 💰 hostage!! App still isn’t working a day later. If I delete it says all information is lost. Rewards? Balance?" wrote @JoeJamesPop.

"Tried to order with the @TimHortons app and it gave me an error AGAIN and wouldn’t reload my card or order online but I still have a $5.00 charge on my visa?? Really?" wrote @CanadianDuck007.

Tim Hortons has replied to many of these messages asking for details about the issues that customers are experiencing.

"We are sorry to hear this, Kelsey. Please DM us your full name and the email address registered on your Mobile App account so that we can look into this for you. Please also let us know if the charge is still pending," the company wrote in one reply.

Customers had reported issues with the rewards program and the Tim Hortons app as far back as March 2019. 

Some of the criticisms included the physical cards not working, being unable to actually sign into the app, and staff members not being trained on the new system.

In a statement to Narcity, a Tim Hortons spokesperson said "In late December we rolled out an app update. The transition overall was smooth, with less than 1% of app users experiencing issues, including trouble logging in and not being able to see their TimCard balance. The cause of these issues have been identified and we are implementing a fix as an immediate and top priority."

They continued, "unfortunately when guests started reaching out to our guest services team with app-related issues in January, we were not responding quickly enough and did not resolve their issues in a timely manner. We take full accountability for the delay. We have added additional staff to field guest inquiries and have improved our app support process which can now more effectively troubleshoot and solve issues for users."*

The company had previously announced new changes to its reward system in February. It even added a digital element to its famous Roll Up The Rim contest.

*Editor's note: This story has been updated.

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