First Starbucks, then McDonald's, and now Tim Hortons has finally revealed what their 2018 holiday cups look like. For many people, the start of holiday coffee cups often signals the official start of the entire Christmas season.

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Tim Hortons, while later than some of the other chains, just released their cups this morning. In a video shared on their Twitter, the company revealed they have not one, but four different cup designs out this year. 

The designs each feature the regular Tim Hortons wording across the cup but make use of the second O in Hortons for the different designs. In on the O becomes part of a snowman's body, in another, it's wearing a hat and skiing, while in another one it is sledding.  The final cup design uses the O as Rudolph's head to complete the holiday lineup. 

The cups each feature a bright red background, with white text. There is also white at the bottom of the cups to look like snow-covered hills while flakes fall on the scene. 

Of course, a holiday release wouldn't be complete without some new holiday menu items to go with them. On a Reddit thread, a Tim Hortons employee revealed some of this year's special holiday items. 

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According to them, among the items being released this year is a vanilla raspberry jelly roll, a cream-filled Christmas tree donut, and a filled sugar cookie with snowflake sprinkles on it. The candy-cane donut has also been mentioned but as an optional item, meaning not every restaurant will have it. 

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In response to Tim Hortons' video this morning, many customers said that the cups weren't yet available. The company, simply captioned the video that the cups were back but didn't specify if that launch was today. On Reddit, the employee said the launch date for the holiday menu was November 21st, but this could vary by store. 

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