One Canadian chain is trying to spread good cheer and caffeine to people who are on the front lines during this global pandemic. Tim Hortons' free coffee giveaway is for people who are out there serving their community. The Tims coffee trucks are on the move across Canada.

The restaurant shared this initiative on social media and the first stop was St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto.

As of March 18, their vans will be travelling all over Canada and giving out free java to those working on the frontlines during the COVID-19 outbreak.

"Starting today, our coffee trucks will be out serving free coffee to those serving communities across Canada," Tims said on social media. "Today we were at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto - thank you to all of the doctors, nurses and hospital employees working hard to keep us safe!"

At the hospital, large supplies of caffeine and Tims Delivery bags were dropped off for people to enjoy.

"St. Mikes's team, thanks for being on the front lines in this crucial time. All the best, Tim Hortons," read a note on one of the delivery bags.

While Tims hasn't announced exactly where they will be giving away the free cups of joe as part of this initiative, it won't just be limited to one part of the country. 

On March 17, Tims switched to takeout, drive-thru and delivery only because of COVID-19 concerns so you can't go and actually sit in-store anymore.

This change will last until further notice in most locations in Canada.

Tims also made headlines after PressProgress reported that workers in some stores needed a doctor's note to take unpaid sick leave during the pandemic.

However, the coffee chain told Narcity that "we have been working with our 1,500 restaurant owners in Canada to follow the advice of their local public health authorities in all cases — including not requiring a doctor’s note when an employee reports in sick."

Because of COVID-19, Tims first stopped the use of personal, reusable cups in-stores which already was set to impact Roll Up The Rim.

Then, the chain announced there would be even more changes to the annual contest since they were removing paper cups from play and switching everything to be entirely digital.

Until April 11, you can buy a hot beverage at Tims in a regular cup and then digitally roll up on the app.

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