For those of you who are unaware, Tim Hortons recently introduced a number of new limited-time items to their menu. The items include everything from French Toast Breakfast Sandwiches to Cadbury Mini-Egg Donuts with a few other sugary curveballs thrown in just to keep us on our toes. Today I decided to reward my tastebuds with the Tim Hortons French Toast Breakfast Sandwich and here's what I thought.

For starters, I should specify that you actually have a few options to pick from when ordering the French Toast Breakfast Sandwich. The first choice is whether you want sausage or bacon  - a tough call for sure, but I ended up going with sausage.

The next step is even more difficult - the choice between two slabs of plain french toast or french toast soaked in maple syrup as your bread substitute. I went with plain, but they accidentally gave me the syrup version instead and I am eternally grateful for their mistake.

To be honest, the sandwich tasted pretty much like your standard Tim Hortons sausage breakfast sandwich, except with the added sweetness of eating the sandwich between two slices of syrupy bread. The french toast is also a little more filling and will definitely satisfy those looking for a filling breakfast for a reasonable price. 

The only complaint I have about the sandwich is that it didn't really have the toasty crunch it appears to have in the photo. The toast had more of a gooey texture. It tasted great, but I think if it'd been toasted it could've really given the McGriddle a run for its money.

Overall, I'd say if you're a loyal Timmies customer looking to spice up your breakfast game, then the French Toast Breakfast Sandwich is definitely worth a try. However, if you eat breakfast at Tim Hortons on a more casual basis, I think the Sausage Breakfast Sandwich will serve you just as well and save you a few bucks too. 

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