Winter is here, Canada! Snow is falling, temperatures are dropping and Santa Claus is coming. 

Canadians across the country are celebrating the holidays the only way we know how: by shovelling snow, de-icing sidewalks and scraping last night's snowfall off of our windshields with a credit card. But the best part of the day for most of us? A Tim's run. And if you plan on heading there for your daily cup of coffee tomorrow, you'll be glad to know they've got a deal going on. 

Starting tomorrow (December 13th until December 26th), a 10-pack of Timbits will be available at Tim Hortons' across Canada for $1. You'll have to purchase a beverage to get in on the deal, but why else would you be at Timmies anyways?

via @edwin1222

The promotion is only available after 1 P.M., so you can nab your cheap Timbits during your lunchtime break or after work.

Happy holidays!

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