Places that do all-day breakfasts are great right? For some reason things like eggs became a food you only eat at the start of the day and not at 4 in the afternoon.

Well now Canada’s most recognizable restaurant is going to be offering up breakfast all day long across the country.

Tim Hortons is officially set to launch all-day breakfast later this week. 

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This is obviously great news for anyone who craves Tim Hortons breakfast options. No more having to rush in on the weekend before they stop selling them.

The official start date for the all-day breakfast is on Wednesday of this week, which means you’ll only need to suffer through today and Tuesday before being able to get your hands on a breakfast meal anytime you want.

This announcement comes after a pilot project at several Tim Hortons locations in Ontario that started during the spring. 

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“Any time we bring up the idea of breakfast at any time, the response is very favourable and very strong,” said Tim Hortons president Alex Macedo.

“The demand is loud and clear,” he says. 

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The move will put Tim Hortons into more direct competition with McDonalds and A&W, both of which started to offer all-day breakfast in Canada earlier this year.

So if you just need to have to have a breakfast at 3 in the afternoon from Tim Hortons you’ll soon be able to get them at any time of day you want. 

Source: Financial Post

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