Tim Hortons announced today that you can expect to see major changes coming from the company in the forms of its packaging, coffee and sustainability initiatives. The launch of Tim Hortons' new lid that reduces spills is on the horizon.  The company claims that the lids have been completely redesigned to be both increasingly functional and aesthetically-pleasing, donning a raised dome, tabbed closure, and iconic maple leaf embossed in the lid.

According to a press release from Tim Hortons, the lid will enable coffee to flow more easily from the cup. It'll also be 100% recyclable.

Back in November, Tim Hortons released new "spill-proof" lids throughout Canada, but some customers criticized the beloved coffee chain's new lid for being just as "leaky" as the old ones.  Hopefully, Tim Hortons has worked out the kinks on these new lids launching this spring.

Alex Macedo, Tim Hortons' President, explained in the press release, "We took more than two years to develop the new lid – conducting 12 research studies, serving over 30 million beverages and working with thousands of guests to help us design it."

"Our guests have been asking for a better lid for years and we took the time to research and develop an improved lid that not just reduces spills but has a reduced carbon footprint. Guest feedback on our new lid is overwhelmingly positive with a nine-to-one preference over our old lid."

Lids aren't the only packaging component that is getting an extreme makeover.  Customers will soon be drinking Tim's iconic beverages from a beautiful, modern and instantly recognizable new cup that closely aligns with the chain's visual identity.

Tim Hortons also announced the introduction of its custom Tims FreshBrewer Technology to optimize coffee consistency.  According to the press release, Tim Hortons restaurants across Canada are rolling out the innovative custom brewing technology after three years of testing and development.

Kevin West, Head of Coffee Excellence at Tim Hortons for the past twenty years, said, "Extensive research shows guests love Tim Hortons coffee, but it needs to be served more consistently. We're excited to evolve our coffee brewing technology keeping our always brewed fresh every 20 minutes promise to guests and delivering our iconic taste in every cup."

Tim Hortons is also introducing a brand new reusable cup available for purchase at restaurants this summer at the accessible price point of $1.99.  The launch is part of the chain's new strategy to transforming consumer behaviour to reduce single-use paper cups.

"Coffee is the very DNA of the Tim Hortons brand – we have taken our time to ensure that we have gotten these initiatives right for our loyal guests," commented Macedo.

In addition, Tim Hortons will also be launching other packaging sustainability initiatives in 2019, such as a more environmentally friendly paper cup, testing a new strawless lid for iced coffee and introducing wooden stir sticks.

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