Summer is well and truly in full swing across Canada, as provinces far and wide are experiencing heat waves and heat-warnings galore. If there is one thing that hot and sweaty Canadians truly deserve right now, it’s a delicious frozen treat to get us through the rest of this crazy, sticky summer.

Fortunately, it seems we are in luck! Last month, Tim Hortons announced the release of two new slushy flavours as part of their summer drinks menu, cherry and blue raspberry. While these traditional flavours will no doubt get your mouth watering, it is Tim Hortons newest release that has really got Canadians talking, and it isn’t a flavour you’d necessarily expect!

Only a few days ago, Tim Hortons unveiled their latest slushy to get us through the summer, the ‘Tim Hortons Jolly Rancher Slushy’ and, according to online reviews, it tastes just as good as it sounds.

On their website, Tim Hortons describes the new slushy as “Sweet, tangy and full of bold fruit flavour.” Adding that the slush is served ‘ice-cold’ and filled with “green apple, blue raspberry, and cherry Jolly Rancher pieces.”

While the other slushies on Tim's menu had mixed reviews when they were released, the new Jolly Rancher slushy is clearly tickling some taste buds, as there has been an overwhelmingly positive reaction to the new drink on Twitter. One user even said, "the jolly rancher slushy @TimHortons is my reason to live."

The slushy, which has tiny bits of Jolly Rancher candy floating around in it, costs $2.99 for a medium. They are a little more expensive than the standard slushies which are $2.19 for a medium, however one person on Twitter confirmed, "Jolly Rancher slushy at Tim’s was worth the money". These prices may vary by area.

One Twitter user added, "The jolly rancher slushy at Tim Hortons is officially the 2019 drink of the summer."

If you're still not convinced, Canadian Twitter users from far and wide have been sharing pictures of the new slushy, and it does look pretty delicious!

The Jolly Rancher slushy is only available for a limited time, so stop whatever you are doing immediately and get down to your nearest Tim Hortons, quickly. Treat yourself this summer- you deserve it!

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