This is such great news! The Tim Hortons Nova Scotia donut raised so much money and it's all for a good cause. That means a lot of donuts were purchased by Canadians across the country.

From April 26 to May 5, the sweet treats were available for purchase at Tim Hortons with all of the proceeds made from its retail price being donated to help people in the province.

Through sales of the limited edition donut, more than $1.4 million was raised for the Canadian Red Cross Stronger Together Nova Scotia Fund.

That money will now go towards supporting people affected by the tragic mass shooting that happened there.

A Tims location in Debert, Nova Scotia, is officially the spot where the most donuts were sold across Canada.

Over 4,400 of them were purchased there.

That community was one that was directly impacted by the mass shooting that happened back in April.

"We knew this campaign would resonate with our local community but we were still blown away by the response," said Quinn MacKenzie, the owner of the Tims location, in a news release. "And it was really amazing to see how the rest of the country all got behind us to support this cause. We're truly grateful."

"I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who bought a Nova Scotia Strong donut at Tim Hortons this past week," said Sidney Crosby, NHLer and Nova Scotia native, in a news release. "Thank you for stepping up and coming together during this tough time."

Crosby and fellow NHL player Nathan MacKinnon helped launch the donut in Nova Scotia on April 26.

A few days later, the donut was launched across Canada.

To start the fundraising process right away, Tims didn't have a standardized look for the sweet treats.

So, each location had different designs like frosting hearts or the letters N.S. or the Nova Scotia flag or blue sprinkles.

"It was incredible to see how inspired our bakers were in designing their own Nova Scotia Strong Donuts," said Hope Bagozzi, chief marketing officer at Tim Hortons.

On April 18 and April 19, a gunman went on a rampage through the province and took the lives of many, including an RCMP officer.

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