You no longer need to order a Tim Hortons kids' meal to get your hands on their new crispy Chicken Strips in Canada. Tim Hortons has finally added two new orders of Chicken Strips to their menus across Canada. The tenders are made from whole chicken breasts and are battered to perfection, adding crispy crunch and savoury taste to every bite.

Each order of Chicken Strips comes with at least one dipping sauce, and Tim Hortons has made three options available - a sweet and sour sauce, honey-mustard sauce and barbecue sauce. 

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In Ontario, you can get three Tim Hortons' Chicken Strips and one dipping sauce of your choosing for $6.45. Or, you can get five strips and two dipping sauces for $9.35. The Chicken Strips are available at participating Tim Hortons locations across Canada, which likely includes at least one near you.

Tim Hortons also includes two Chicken Strips in their kids' meals calls, Timmies Minis. The kids' meal also comes with a choice of side - apple slices, potato wedges, a pack of SunRype FunBites or a Black Diamond Cheesestring - and a drink.

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The Chicken Strips are just one of many new menu additions that Tim Hortons has unveiled recently. Just last week, Timmies announced the arrival of their new Double Double Timbit, a Timbit that mimics the flavour of the chain's iconic coffee beverage, the Double Double. But, upon tasting the new Timbit for ourselves, we realized that the taste hardly resembled the Double Double. 

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Their new Tiramisu Donut, on the other hand, tastes just like a traditional Tiramisu cake. Tim Hortons' new Caramel Fudge Latte also lives up to its enticing description, but it's hard to go wrong with a sugary hot beverage. 


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