Tim Hortons officially announced their take on the happy meal yesterday called a "Timmies Minis" meal and it's safe to say Canadians were confused. While it's the season for holiday treats, Tim Hortons decided to end 2018 on a high note by offering a new permanent edition.

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Because Canadians love Tim Hortons so much, it can take some time to adjust to a new member of the lineup. That's why after checking social media it was surprising to see that everyone in Canada is actually thrilled about the new $4.99 kids meal. 

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The Timmies Minis pack offers three main entrées, two chicken strips, a mini melt (aka a grilled cheese), or a mini wrap with chicken and lettuce. Each meal also comes with a side, like apple slices or potato wedges, plus a drink. 

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Canadians who have tried the meal seem to have a positive experience! Most have expressed that they're excited there is a small meal option, as well as the fact the coffee shop is now offering chicken strips. Who knew that Canadians were low-key obsessed with chicken strips?

One of the very important customers that Tim Hortons wants to impress with their kid's meal is, of course, kids! A mother took to Twitter and shared that her son really liked the meal even though he was feeling under the weather! 

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Another user argued that realistically the whole store was full of items for a "kids menu" since there are so many delicious pastries and desserts. 

Sadly you can't please everyone with some Canadians stating that this new addition to the coffee shop has really changed the tradition of Tim Hortons. 

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Still, it seems like most people are really happy about the addition of Timmies Minis! For only $4.99 the small meal is relatively cheap and has no age limit for Canadians to enjoy. 

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