O(REO) my!  Tim Hortons has just announced that a brand new line of OREO flavoured baked goods and beverages has been added to the collection of Tims' summertime favourites. Tim Hortons OREO treats and beverages have officially hit stores across Canada. For a limited time only, Tim Hortons customers can choose between three new OREO treats, in addition to a new OREO flavoured Iced Capp, from the menu. 

Markus Sturm, the Head of Marketing at Tim Hortons, commented in a company press release, "As one of the most loved cookies in CanadaOREOs are a staple treat. That's why we're excited to pair our most popular baked goods and our Iced Capp with the delicious taste of OREOs."

The delicious OREO-flavoured collection consists of:

  • OREO flavoured Iced Capp - A new twist on the classic Iced Capp mixed with OREO bits and topped with a sprinkle of cookie crumbs.  Priced at $3.09*

  • OREO infused donut - A moist chocolate donut with vanilla filling dipped in white fondant and OREO crumbs, with a topping of with drizzled chocolate fondant.  Priced at $1.59*

  • OREO infused muffin -  A delicious chocolate muffin with vanilla filling, and a sprinkle of delicious bits of OREO crumbs.  Priced at $1.69*

  • OREO flavoured cream-filled pocket - Chocolate and OREO pastry pocket with a vanilla filling.  Priced at $1.49*

If those don't sound delicious enough to instantly get your mouth watering, how about trying Tim Hortons' new Creamy Chill beverages coming to the menu on May 15th?  These shake-inspired beverages are - yes, creamy and chilly - and are available in three flavours.  The Creamy Chill combines real cream and yummy layers of either strawberry, vanilla, or chocolate.

  • Strawberry - Garnished with whipped topping and a sweet strawberry drizzle.  Priced at $3.09*

  • Vanilla - Garnished with whipped topping and colourful rainbow sprinkles. Priced at $3.09*

  • Chocolate - Garnished with whipped topping and a delicious chocolate drizzle. Priced at $3.09*

Tim Hortons has been rolling out new products over the past several months, and as a devout Tim Hortons patron, I couldn't be more thankful!  Keep releasing new and delicious menu items, Tims!

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