Tim Hortons recently released their holiday drinks and treats menu, which people have been super excited about. Their drinks for the Christmas season are the Candy Cane Hot Chocolate, Candy Cane White Hot Chocolate, and Marshmallow Hot Chocolate. On the dessert side, they will have a Raspberry Vanilla Jelly Roll, Holiday Donut and Filled Sugar Cookie. 

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However, there's one beloved holiday treat that they haven't advertised on their holiday menu. The Candy Cane Donut is back at Tim Hortons this season, but there has been not a word about it from the coffee chain. They don't feature it on any of their social media and it's not mentioned on their website. There are pictures of the other holiday treats, but no Candy Cane Donut.

However, please note that it is only available being carried at certain Tim Hortons at the moment, so we cannot confirm whether it is at the locations near you. Certain stores do have it right now, such as the downtown Vancouver location, so make sure to check with your local Tim Hortons if you want to get your hands on the Candy Cane Donut. 

Need further proof that there's no mention of it anywhere? Even look at these promo pics from Tim Hortons – there isn't a Candy Cane Donut in sight. 

Via Tim Hortons

Via Tim Hortons

Although the Candy Cane Donut is not new on their menu, the promo for the holiday menu still included previous items such as the Filled Sugar Cookie so that leaves us super confused why they didn't promote it at all

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People have also been wondering whether the Candy Cane Donut would make an appearance on their menu and Canadians have been asking Tim's to bring it back this holiday season especially since Tim's has stayed so silent about it. 

As you can see from the tweets, all of which are from yesterday, many people are worried that they would not be selling their Candy Cane Donuts this year. 

Via @nicolehuui

No worries though – if you're a fan of the Candy Cane Donut or are wanting to try it, we are happy to say that it is alive and well for the 2018 holiday season and now available in stores. I went into a local Tim Hortons yesterday and had one myself, so can confirm. Check out the photo above to see what it looks like! If you're curious as to how it tastes, check out our taste test article about it. 

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