In Canada, one of the classic traditions of any road trip is stopping for Tim Hortons somewhere along the way. Of course with over 3800 locations across the country that's easy enough to do. But now Tim Hortons is trying to work its way into more elements of your road trip, they have a new Tim Hortons road trip playlist on Spotify.

The playlist, which is called Road Trip Tracks, was especially designed for Thanksgiving, which is this weekend. Since a lot of people are road tripping to see family or friends this week, it appears Tim Hortons wanted to share some of that road trip spirit with Canadians. They also are really catering to people who are heading home for the weekend since a lot of the songs on the list are about going home. 

Of course, it wouldn't be a Tim Hortons playlist if it wasn't the most Canadian playlist ever. The other major theme of this list is that all the songs are by Canadian artists. There are 22 songs on the list and they come from all different genres and represent 22 different Canadian artists and bands. 

Here are some of the main artists Tim Hortons is highlighting this Thanksgiving. 

The Tragically Hip 

You can't have a Canadian road trip playlist without The Hip. Their song "Bobcaygeon" made the list. 

Arcade Fire 

Keeping with the road trip theme the song "Keep the car runnin'" by Arcade Fire made Tim Horton's list. 

Michael Bublé 

If you are feeling super homesick, you may want to skip this one on the list. Michael Bublé's "Home" will give you all the feels on your road trip. 

Shania Twain

For the country lovers, Shania represents on this list with her song "Home Now." Appropriate for anyone who is currently going home now. 

Dan Mangan 

For some more west coast representation, Dan Mangan made the list with his song "Row Of Houses." 

And, of course, Drake

How could we ever consider a Canadian playlist without the 6ix God himself, Drake? Fortunately, we don't have to. Tim Hortons included Drake's song, "Hold On We're Goin' Home" with Majid Jordan on their list. 

However, there is one slight problem with Tim Hortons' road trip list. Canada is a big place and it often takes a few hours to road trip anywhere. Unfortunately, at just 22 songs, the Tim Hortons playlist only serves up about an hour and a half of music. So if you're trip is longer than that you might want to have some more music lined up. 

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