By now, everyone is probably familiar with the fact that Starbucks has drinks that aren't advertised. Now it seems that there might also be a Tim Hortons secret menu. That's at least according to an unofficial TikTok account.

The uploader, who goes by the username TimsTok, has uploaded 23 videos, each of them showcasing the recipe for a beverage or food item that doesn't appear on the official Tim Hortons menu.

The channel has already amassed over 65,000 followers and racked up over 817,000 likes. Its description reads, "If there's a Canadian, there has to be a Tims."

Some of the secret recipes featured on TimsTok include the blue drink (made with Sprite and blue raspberry syrup), the apple pie drink (made with steamed apple juice and caramel syrup) and even a chicken quesadilla (cheese, barbecue sauce, chicken, and bacon on a grilled tortilla).

Some of the recipes are more ambitious, including the galaxy drink, which has accumulated 199,000 likes. The bright purple and white beverage appears to contain at least seven different ingredients combined to make something that looks very sweet.

Other items are simpler but no less impressive. These include a chocolate milk latte and a triple berry iced tea (made up of brewed triple berry tea with some vanilla syrup shots, ice, cold water and a scoop of berries).

There's even one that's just a mocha Iced Capp with a chocolate Timbit in it. Or, for something less soggy, you can simply ask for maple flakes in your Iced Capp for some extra Canadian flavour.

The page does not appear to be officially associated with the Tim Hortons company.

There's also no guarantee that every employee would know how to make these items if you asked them for one. You can always try showing them the video to see if they can recreate it for you, but we can't promise they'll be up for the challenge.

Still, the TikToks are imaginative, and some of the drinks would probably be fairly easy to make if you know exactly how to order it. 

Narcity has reached out to the creator of TimsTok for more details about their creative concoctions. We will update the story once we hear back.

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