At this point it’s safe to say that it's not safe to be around the CN Tower at the moment. And if you haven't heard why, then let's just begin by saying that we have the weekend ice storm to blame. In case you missed the recent coverage on the weather happenings in Toronto this past weekend, here’s a quick catch up.

The ice storm this weekend wreaked havoc and 100 km/h winds caused ice to fall off the CN Tower and some of it even put a hole in the roof of Rogers Centre meaning people actually had to go onto its roof and fix it so the Blue Jays could play yesterday.

The CN Tower is currently closed and so are a lot of places around due to the danger of falling ice. 

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Here’s a quick look at what other businesses surrounding the CN Tower are being impacted by the falling ice.

Ripley’s Aquarium is closed for the day. Being just down the street from the CN Tower, it’s obviously a place that ice might get blown to and hurt a passerby. So if you wanted to see the fishes and sharks today you’re out of luck.   

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Both Steam Whistle Brewery and the Rec Room are open but have restricted access

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Rogers Centre also has restricted access with gates 1-6 completely closed, so if you’re going to the Jays game this afternoon you’ll need to enter through a gate on the west or south side of the building. 

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And for all you drivers Bremner Boulevard is closed between Lower Simcoe Street and Rees Street.

So basically, just avoid the area around the CN tower if you can. No one wants to get hit by ice falling from the tallest building in the city.  

You can follow the Toronto Police on twitter for updates on where to avoid falling ice and snow. 

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