Toronto is known for its incredibly diverse neighbourhoods, each with its own identity and even personality. In the Harry Potter series, the Sorting Hat uses key personality traits to sort the young witches and wizards of Hogwarts into their rightful houses. Since we apparently have a lot of free time on our hands, we thought, "Why not sort the neighbourhoods of Toronto into Hogwarts houses?"

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This is what we came up with. From King West to Riverdale, find out where your neighbourhood stands according to the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

The Annex = Ravenclaw

The Annex is located right by U of T, one of the most prestigious universities in Canada, making it an obvious hub for Ravenclaws. Filled with students and professors, and home to the best second-hand book store in Toronto, the Annex is an ideal spot for the hard-working and intellectual Ravenclaws of the city.

The Beaches = Hufflepuff

Much like Hufflepuffs, people who live in the Beaches don't crave the hustle and bustle of downtown life. They prefer to take life at a much slower pace, stopping to enjoy great restaurants and shopping here and there, but never in search of too much excitement. Like Hufflepuffs, people from the Beaches are extremely loyal to their area, and therefore many of them choose to live in that area for long periods of time.

Kensington Market = Hufflepuff

Considering the laidback, peaceful vibe, it's only natural that Hufflepuffs would flock to Kensington Market. Preffering to stay out of the drama, Kensington Market dwellers like to enjoy the simple pleasures of life, much like Hufflepuffs. There's also a theory that Hufflepuffs are stoners, and considering the number of marijuana dispensaries in the area, we're sure they'd really enjoy themselves in Kensington.

Financial District = Slytherin

Like a Slytherin, you have to be cunning and ambitious to make it in the Financial District. To get to the top (and stay there), you might have to step on a few toes, something many Slytherins are willing to do to achieve their dreams. Like in Slytherin, in the Financial District, it's every man for himself.

King West = Slytherin

Why is it that so many people on King West look like they could be a Malfoy? With their perfectly groomed blonde hair and expensive outfits, King West inhabitants give meaning to the saying "if looks could kill." Slytherins value self-preservation and are known for being very calculating, both traits that can be associated with the young professionals of King West.

Liberty Village = Ravenclaw

Like Ravenclaws, the inhabitants of Liberty Village value intellect and hard work. Ravenclaws prize originality in both ideas and methods, a trait that is essential in the start-up culture of Liberty Village. Unlike Slytherins, they are less goal-oriented, and instead value opportunities that allow them to grow intellectually, just like the young professionals working in some of the unconventional new companies popping up in Liberty.

Riverdale = Gryffindor

Though Riverdale may seem like a quiet, residential area from the outside, this is one neighbourhood you don't want to mess with. Like Gryffindors, the inhabitants of Riverdale are very vocal about standing up for what is right, whether that's eco-friendly initatives in the neighbourhood or signs encouraging drivers to slow down.

Toronto Islands = Hufflepuff

The Hufflepuffs of the Toronto Islands take that removal from city life one step further than those of the Beaches. Completely detached from the city mainland, inhabitants of the Toronto Island choose a more easygoing lifestyle near the water. Hufflepuffs are generally not competitive, and would therefore forgo the city rat race in favour of an undemanding life on the island.

West Queen West = Ravenclaw

Like Luna Lovegood, Ravenclaws are often quirky and enjoy rather unusual intellectual pursuits. You'll likely find the Ravenclaw hipsters of West Queen West engaging in philosophical discussions regarding the ethics of shopping exclusively second hand.

Yonge-Dundas = Gryffindor

Gryffindors are constantly seeking adventure, making the constantly evolving Yonge-Dundas area a perfect fit. With a movie theatre, giant mall, and square which regularly holds live performances, there are constantly new and exciting experiences to be had. Gryffindors are also courageous, a trait that would certainly come in handy when facing all of the crowds and shouting people.

Yorkville = Slytherin

It's only natural that the city's elite fall into Slytherin. Yorkville is an area that many Torontonians aspire to end up in, meaning that those who do had Slytherin-like ambition and determination from the start. Yorkville is also home to a lot of families with old money, something that Salazar Slytherin, who valued tradition, would have liked to see.

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