Toronto drivers are notorious for being reckless behind the wheel. Pedestrians and cyclists are constantly at war with drivers over their careless and dangerous habits - speeding, forgetting to signal, and most importantly, running red lights. 

According to the City of Toronto's website, over 40 percent of fatalities at signalized intersections are caused by red light running. The issue is pervasive, even in school zones and areas with high foot traffic. It has gotten so bad in some areas that residents are fighting back, and have video evidence to prove how severe it really is.

City authorities have ramped up their efforts to curb red light running in recent years. Over 300 red light cameras have been installed in every corner of the city, which take a snapshot of every vehicle that enters an intersection after the light has turned red.  Traffic officers review every photo for accuracy, then serve tickets to the vehicle's registered owner.

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The city has even mapped out every red light camera in Toronto, along with a complete A to Z list of every location. The green circles indicate where the cameras are currently installed.

Via City of Toronto

According to the Toronto Star, a record-breaking number of tickets were issued by red light cameras in 2017. The total was 60,484 for the year, nearly double what it was in 2016. Some intersections are worse than others, with upwards of 3,000 tickets issued at a single red light last year.

The city has released their complete database of the annual number of charges laid at each traffic light. From the numbers, it's clear which intersections are catching more culprits than others.

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Here are the 14 Toronto intersections with the highest number of red light running offences in 2017, and where drivers are most likely to get booked. 

  • Richmond St. and Parliament St
  • Bayview Ave. and Cummer Ave.
  • Bayview Ave. and Truman Rd. / Fifeshire Rd.
  • Warden Ave. and Arkona Dr. / Cloverleaf Gt.
  • Lake Shore Blvd. and Windermere Ave
  • Danforth Ave. and Greenwood Ave
  • Lower Jarvis St. and The Esplanade
  • Bathurst St. and Davenport Rd.
  • Dupont St. and Lansdowne Ave
  • University Ave. and Richmond St
  • Danforth Rd. and Brimley Rd
  • Eglinton Ave. and Danforth Rd
  • Lake Shore Blvd. and Jameson Ave.
  • University Ave. and Richmond St.

To see the City of Toronto's complete information guide to red light running and cameras, click here.

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