Ontario Police Sgt. Kerry Schmidt has reported that two vehicles were pulled over for speeding at over 220 km/h on Ontario highways, potentially endangering the drivers' own lives, as well as the lives of countless others. The two reckless drivers were pulled over within just hours of each other.  The first speeding incident occurred Thursday evening on Highway 401 in Whitby.  The car whipped by police at a speed of 227 km/hour.  The person driving the car was a 20-year-old man, and his license has since been suspended for seven days.

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Early Friday morning, another incident took place on Highway 403 in Mississauga.  This time, a 19-year-old man from Oakville was behind the wheel, driving at a whopping 254 km/hour.  His vehicle was instantly impounded by police, and he received a seven-day license suspension.

Sgt. Schmidt explained in a video posted on Twitter than the drivers were speeding "ridiculously fast", at speeds similar to those at which some airplanes take off. He also commented, "Unfortunately we are seeing people taking far too many chances, far too many liberties and going way too fast."

Just this year, 432 vehicles have been impounded in the Greater Toronto Area for street racing, according to Schmidt.

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