Those who were planning on going on vacation or visiting family today are in for an unpleasant surprise as around 200 flights are being canceled or delayed in Pearson right now. The airport is warning travelers to check their flight status today before making their way to the airport. Pearson states the reasoning for these delays is due to fog that is in the area. 

Pearson released a tweet earlier this morning that was warning all future passengers who were planning on flying today to check their flight times. They state that operations are being affected by foggy conditions that are currently present throughout the region. 

For those of you who were planning on flying today, Pearson also asks you to contact your airline for information about your flight schedule. You can check the delays and cancellations on Pearson's website as well. 

Even those who are picking up friends and loved ones from the airport today are asked to check the arrival times of flights as the majority of the delays right now are affecting arrivals at Pearson. 

While Pearson has not directly stated how long these delays will last, there a variety of delays and cancellations that are currently in place at the moment. 

As of 12:00 PM today, 145 arriving flights have either been canceled or delayed, while 44 departing flights have also been canceled or delayed. 

It is important to note that these numbers are not solidified and are bound to change throughout the day if more delays or cancellations occur due to the foggy conditions. 

According to the Weather Network, overcast conditions are being recorded throughout the evening in Toronto with chances of showers and rain throughout the evening and into Friday, which is leading to these delays at the local airport. Yet conditions are expected to clear up by the weekend. 

Fog presents a major risk for flying given that it greatly reduces visibility. The National Weather Service in the US says on their website, "flying in fog is quite challenging, even for the most experienced of pilots. For pilots that are not as skilled, fog is an extremely dangerous and potentially deadly hazard." 

So make sure to continue to monitor your flight times if you are flying into or out of Pearson today and, if possible, contact the airline prior to leaving for the airport. 

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