Durham Police have released surveillance photos to the public in order to identify five suspects who are wanted for using "shoulder surfing" to steal from multiple victims at a Walmart. The suspects are still at large and police are asking for the public's help. Durham Police are also asking the public to be aware of their surrounding at all time to ensure that this "shoulder surfing" technique doesn't happen to you. 

Between December 22, 2018, and January 18, 2019, these five suspects are responsible for five reported thefts that occurred within the Durham region. These suspects are using distraction techniques in order to steal bank and credit cards from victims wallets. 

Suspects would first "shoulder surf" a victim in order to gain access to their pin number. This means that the suspects would get close to a victim while they were paying or withdrawing money from an ATM, so they could see the pin that the victim was entering. 

Once the suspects obtained the pin number of the victim's card, the five suspects would then stop the victim outside the store, using distraction techniques to steal their debit or credit cards from their wallets.  All five of these reported cases happened at a Walmart store location. 

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The suspects would then use these stolen cards and make purchases and cash withdrawals, using the pin that they obtained earlier. 

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The five suspects are all described as males, aged 30 to 40 years and can be seen in the photos below that were retrieved from the Durham Regional Police newsroom. 

Via Durham Regional Police

Durham Police are now advising members of the public to always be aware of their surroundings at all times. Always ensure that you protect your pin number, and when you are entering it that nobody is close enough to see it. Police also warn that if someone appears suspicious to you, do not engage in conversation that could lead to distracted thefts. 

Anyone who has information on this case that can help lead to the arrests of these suspects may be eligible for a $2,000 cash reward. 

If you have any information about this case, contact Cst. Azzano of the West Division Criminal Investigation Bureau at 1-888-1520 ext. 2526. Anonymous tips can be sent to Durham Regional Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477. 

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