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Many cities all over Europe are begin to make a transition to car-free status. They're starting by designating pedestrian-only neighbourhoods, and by incentivising people to bike or use public transport and leave their cars at home. Residents of the cities where this has been implemented seem to really appreciate the decreased traffic congestion, which got us thinking, wouldn't this be awesome if it was implemented in Toronto? Hear us through...

  • Toronto's traffic is out of control

If you've ever been in a car or on a streetcar in Toronto, you may have noticed that we have a serious traffic problem. And traffic isn't just restricted to rush hour. You can be driving along comfortably on a Sunday afternoon and have the street suddenly fill with cars.

  • It would push the city to improve bike lanes

There are a lot of cyclists in Toronto, and there could be a lot more if the city's infrastructure was more accessible to bikers. The lack of bike lanes, and the shitty quality of the ones we do have is a serious problem.

  • It would make Toronto more green

Toronto has a bit of a smog problem, and one thing that's contributing hugely to that is the incredible number of cars we've got chugging around all over the place. Wouldn't it be nice to clear the air up a bit?

  • Toronto's population is only growing

As it stands right now, the more people there are in this city, the more cars there are. It's already a problem, and it's only going to get worse as the population increases. Unless we do something now to change it.

  • Look how pretty pedestrian-only neighbourhoods are? Don't you want to live in a place like this?







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