The cities of the Greater Toronto Area will be more connected than ever come Sunday, because six new subway stations are coming to the Toronto area. 

For the first time ever, subway service will reach beyond regional boundaries in Ontario, extending the TTC as far north as Vaughan. 

Each of the six stunning new stations set to open Sunday, December 17th have been a long work-in-progress for the TTC. Dating back from as far as ten years ago, this project to extend Line 1 is finally becoming a reality. 

Called the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension (TYSSE), the 8.6-kilometre extension of the TTC Line 1 from Downsview Park Station to the Vaughan Metropolitan Centre at Highway 7 in York Region is a huge step forward for GTA transit. 

Along with the six new subway stations, the TYSSE also includes three new commuter parking lots as well as access to TTC, York Region and GO bus terminals.  

And thanks to a new signalling system on the Spadina line, called the automatic train operation system, riders will not have to worry about any line traffic or delays whatsoever, according to the TTC.

The new additions include stops at York University Station, Pioneer Village, Highway 407 Station, and end with the Vaughan Metropolitan Station. The estimated time from the new Vaughan Station to Union Station is a mere 40 minutes, making this subway a dream come true for daily commuters. 

As promised, the new TTC stations will officially begin running on Sunday at 6 A.M. The transit agency anticipates the Toronto-York Spadina Subway Extension will bring at least 26 million new riders. 

Source: CBCNews Ontario 

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