Have you ever left something on the subway and wondered where it ended up?

Well, there is a rather good chance that it ended up on Police Auctions Canada, a virtual store where "seized, forfeited, or found" items are sold to the highest bidder.

The auction is a way to give perfectly good items a home, and you can score some amazing deals if you’re lucky. 

So, if you enjoy the thrill of outbidding someone on something you probably don’t need anyway, look no further.

Here's a list of some of the treasures you could scoop up right now.

La Senza Panties 

Price: $13.55 

Details: This bundle includes three pairs of panties that "appear to be in new condition."

Ray Bans 

Price: $46.00

Details: A stylish pair of designer sunglasses that appear to be in used condition, but for a very decent price.

Banana Republic Top

Price: $00.99

Details: A pleated front-top with the tags still attached and an original retail price of $69.99.

MonoPod Selfie Stick & Bluetooth Remote Shutter

Price: $00.99

Details: Up your selfie game with this cool gadget, still in its original packaging.

Yellow Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

Price: $301.75

Details: This 10K yellow gold engagement ring and matching band appear to be in good condition. The ring features a "raised brilliant cut diamond" in the center. 

Daymak Kingston Electric E-Bike Scooter

Price: $85.25

Details: This used bike is in need of repairs and testing, and does not include keys or a charger. But, for just $85, it's a steal. 

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