The election for a new premier of Ontario is tomorrow! Yes, the campaign is pretty much done for the most part finally. 

Over the last couple of weeks the NDP, PC’s, Liberals and Green Party have done their best to pitch their message to the people in the province. 

But did you know there are over 24 political parties with candidates running in this election? Today we’ll look at 6 of the more fringe parties you’ve never heard of and know nothing about. 

6.  Consensus Ontario  

Via Consensus Ontario

Consensus Ontario is definitely one of the more strange parties out there. If elected the party promises to abolish itself and all other political parties in favour of simply having independent MPPs so that it can have a “better, truer representation of ridings in the legislature; strengthening all MPPs’ voices.” 

You may be surprised to learn that some northern Canadian Provinces such as the Northwest Territories and Nunavut actually already do this.

You can find out more on its website here, there's also a video of their leader Brad Harness below.



5.  New Peoples Choice Party of Ontario  

Via New Peoples Choice Party of Ontario

The New Peoples Choice Party of Ontario has some interesting ideas on how to combat traffic congestion in Toronto, part of its platform includes charging drivers a $20 fee to bring their cars into the downtown core. 

It's also in favour of selling cannabis through private business instead of government run stores. 

Their leaders name is Daryl Christoff, and you can find its website here.  


4. Cultural Action Party  

Via Cultural Action Party

According to the The Cultural Action Party's website the current state has taken away all of "Gods given rights" of citizens and they intend to restore them. 

The party is described as "the voice of the social conservative movement." 

The party "stands for constitutionalism, the rule of law, due process, free markets and individual liberties, including freedom of religion, speech, press and assembly. As importantly, we stand for the sanctity of the family, the very building block of society.”   


3. Communist Party of Ontario  

Via Communist Party of Ontario

Yes Ontario has its own communist party. As part of the party platform to improve working conditions it wants to, "legislate a 32-hour work week with no loss in take-home pay, benefits or pensions; ban compulsory overtime, and legislate minimum four weeks of annual paid vacation." 

Its ultimate goal is to “to build a People’s Coalition of class and social forces willing to unite in a militant struggle for a common program to curb corporate power.”  

You can find its website here.


2.  The Freedom Party  

Via Freedom Party

The Freedom Party is about cutting a lot of rules and regulations currently in place. It's against having a carbon tax, will "pull the plug on "green" wind/ solar subsidies, and institute price competition in a market of private electricity retailers."

It also says "No subsidies for electric cars. End the ban on incandescent lightbulbs"

They would also scrap the current plan of selling cannabis through government run stores. 

You can find its website here


1. Stop the New Sex Ed Agenda Party 

Via CampaignLifeTV

The Stop the New Sex Ed Agenda Party wants to you guessed it, scrap the current sex ed curriculum being taught in schools. That's it. 

This is a single issue party, its website has no platform except for getting rid of the current sex ed curriculum. 

Its leaders name is Queenie Yu, pictured above, who believes that the current curriculum "sexualizes children." 

So there's a look at 6 parties that you may never have even known existed before that are running in the provincial election. 

And no, we didn't make any of them up. These are all real.  

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