A multi-car pileup has closed a section of Highway 400 in Barrie this morning, Ontario Provincial Police confirm.  Just south of Mapleview Drive, a multi-vehicle collision is currently blocking all southbound lanes of Highway 400 between Mapleview Drive and Innisfil Beach Road, according to Sgt. Kerry Schmidt.  Only two of Highway 400's northbound lanes are currently open.

"Multiple vehicles involved, multiple crashes.  Fuel tanker involved.  Vehicles all jammed up together.  This is going to be a bit of a mess, getting this cleaned up.  But, we're going to try to figure out what's going to happen first, and then...it's going to be some time."

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"Towes, EMS, Fire, Paramedics all on the scene dealing with multiple vehicles involved", Sgt. Schmidt reported in a live tweet. Sgt. Schmidt attributes the collision due to "white-out conditions" on the Ontario roads and highways.

As a result, police are alerting the public of a "major back up of traffic" and recommend that all motorists avoid the area of the collision.

Barrie Fire has since confirmed that no major injuries have been reported.  Transit buses have been requested to shelter those who are involved in the crash.

Via Sgt. Kerry Schmidt

This news follows a similar highway closure that blocked all westbound lanes of Highway 401 west of Highway 25 in Milton are currently blocked as a result of a multi-vehicle collision. Sgt. Kerry Schmidt had reported that up to 20 vehicles were involved in the collision, including a transport truck. 

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In his latest tweet, Sgt. Schmidt reminds his Twitter followers, as well as all motorists, "if you see snow, go slow."

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