It appears as though Torontonians still don’t know what the definition of an emergency is. Peel Regional Police posted audio of a pointless Toronto 911 call on Twitter. In the video, the woman can be heard asking the police to make an emergency run so that her taxi could reach the train station on time. 

“Just in terms of an officer, I am supposed to have a trip to Union Station," the woman explains to the dispatcher when making the 911 call.

“The ride that was supposed to show for me this morning did not. I don’t know how you guys work with services in terms of that.”

The call then goes on to explain that she order a taxi but is running late for her train. “What would you like an officer to do?” the clearly baffled dispatcher responds.

“Do you guys offer emergency ride services or not?” the woman shoots back, which is followed by a hilarious awkward silence before the emergency responder informs the caller that no such services exist.

Unfortunately, the misuse of 911 calls has become something of a running gag in the GTA.

Back in September, Peel Police tweeted out the recording of a 911 complaint where a “distressed” man called about getting tomatoes on his chicken sandwich.

The Hamilton Police also disclosed in October that a male had been arrested and charged with mischief after calling 911 to complain about the Amber Alert.

It was the first arrest reported in what has turned out to be a never-ending series of complaint calls about the new alert system.


In addition to people purposely calling 911 for what can only be described as unneeded reasons, Ontario police are also struggling to fight an epidemic of butt-dials.

The Wellington County OPP reported back in September that it had received nearly 2,000 accidental 911 calls in 2019.

It’s gotten so bad that the OPP is now urging people to be more careful. Of the unintentional calls, 1,965 required an officer to be dispatched.

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