There are a lot of things that come with adulting like finding a job, handling finances, and of course taxes that we all wished we learned about in school. 

Despite these all being basic and necessary life skills, they aren't taught in schools and instead people were sent out to face the world alone and unprepared. Thankfully an Ontario teen is changing that! 

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Austin Chan is only 16 years old but he has already figured out that people need a better education in basic life skills. The Markham teen created an online course that teaches everything you need to know to adult. 

The course, called The Wydlis Course. It stands for What You Didn't Learn In School. It features different categories on professional development, self-growth, lifestyle, money, and social skills. The lessons cover everything from resume building, saving money, dealing with rejection, and even sleep. 

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The course will be completely taught online with Austin as the main teacher, but featuring other content from different experts. It will include around 15 hours of content that cover everything from money to self-growth. 

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The course literally covers everything that we desperately want and need to know, but if you feel you don't need to learn about all the categories you can buy them separately. Once you've purchased the course you have access to it for life. 

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Chan is hoping to have the course available to the public this August. Each section is set to cost around $97. 

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