Three suspects reportedly entered a financial institution at Steeles Avenue and Markham Road in Toronto with a shotgun this morning, demanding money in a classic bank hold up. Fortunately for police, they were unsuccessful. 

 After holding up the bank, the suspects fled the scene in a car. However, in an effort to make a quick getaway, they ended up crashing the vehicle, leading the suspects to be caught. 

While it was originally believed to be three suspects, Toronto Police are now reporting that there were only two men involved and both are now in custody. They also confirmed that there are currently no outstanding suspects involved in this crime. 

The suspects were arrested after their getaway car collided with police just a few streets away. Paramedics were called to the scene, but no serious injuries were reported. Both men were taken into custody from there. 

It is not known yet how much money they were able to acquire before fleeing the scene, but both men are now facing armed robbery charges. 

Police have not yet officially identified which financial institution was targeted in the heist but there are a number of options. However, reports show that police tape has gone up around a Scotiabank branch in the area, suggesting that it was the location of the hold-up. 

The corner of Steeles and Markham Rd is a popular location for banks. The direct area is home to a CIBC, RBC, Scotiabank, BMO, and HSBC Bank. The corner also has a Money Mart and PC Financial location nearby. Slightly up the road, there is also a TD bank. 

Police are now warning Torontonians to stay away from the area, which is closed for the ongoing investigation. Tapscott Road and Passmore Avenue are both blocked off completely right now. 

More updates to come from the ongoing investigation. 

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