A brand new shopping mall is set to open just an hour away from Toronto in the spring of next year, according to Retail Insider.

Developers from the West Brant Centre Inc. are reworking The Cordage, Brantford's oldest still-standing industrial site, into a unique market of artisan shops and businesses. The site offers 200,000 square feet of business space over 12 acres of land and is located in the heart of the city.

Currently, there are two established developments in the area - the Artisan's Village and the Cultural District. Together, they are occupied by 30 different businesses that include general retail shops, clothing boutiques, private music studios, sports and fitness studios, publishing houses, real estate offices and much more. Howard Rothberg, the president of West Brant Centre Inc., plans to add the new 30,000-square-foot Heritage Park Mall to the complex, bringing in 12 new stores, two offices, and a restaurant with an outdoor patio.

The project was inspired by Brantford's vibrant sports and fitness culture. “What we thought with Artisans’ Village and Cultural District the way I decided to drive traffic to the spot was to have a lot of that part of Brantford’s culture which is sports, recreation and fitness because I learned over time that support for the arts is there in a small way in Brantford but support for sports is a big part of Brantford’s culture,” he says.

Development plans have already been drawn up and construction will begin as soon as all of the potential stores have committed. The mall is expected to inject new life into the West Brantford region on the west side of the Grand River, which has dwindled over the years.

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