This sounds just like a scene out of an action movie. Caledon OPP had a wild ride on April 17. Literally. As an officer entered an alleged stolen car through the window to try to stop suspects fleeing, the trio of men drove off with the officer still halfway through the window.

An officer attended a scene after reports of an erratic driver in the Caledon region on Friday, but things took another turn entirely after he arrived.

The car in question was allegedly a stolen vehicle from the nearby Halton region which was reported last month.

And this trio was not about to get arrested easily.

In fact, the culprits actually tried to flee the scene with the responding officer still hanging on after jumping through their side window. In their haste, the suspects crashed into the cop's car and even attempted to disarm the officer.

Caledon OPP spokesperson Iryna Nebogatova confirmed to Narcity by email that the officer was partially in the vehicle after entering through the front passenger window in an attempt to stop the suspects from fleeing.

The officer was not injured.

As far as daring escapes go, this one dared just a little bit more than usual.

On the OPP Central Region Facebook page, police say they received a call at around 1:30 p.m. reporting a black sedan driving out of control in the area of Mayfield Road east in Caledon on April 17.

After scanning the license plate, it was found that it was attached to a stolen vehicle from Halton that went missing back in March.

An officer was able to locate the allegedly stolen car in a parking lot. It was after he told the suspects they were under arrest that the driver tried his incredibly bold escape.

The officer took a huge risk and went through the front passenger side window in order to stop them from leaving.

The car then crashed into an OPP cruiser and landed in a ditch before getting a chance to leave the parking lot, say OPP.

According to the Caledon Enterprise, the driver, Mohd Farooqi, is currently facing 14 charges, including two counts of dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, flight from a peace officer, and resisting a peace officer.

The other suspects, Manpreet Singh and Gurpreet Hehar, are also facing a few charges. Singh is facing seven charges, including disarming a peace officer. Hehar has been hit with six of his own.

As a result, the three men are in significantly more trouble than they would have been had they not tried to flee the scene.

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