It's almost Halloween, which means we're used to hearing about creepy ghouls and goblins around this time of year. We tend to hear more stories regarding vampires, witches and ghosts as the festive season approaches.

Whenever we hear about witches and wizards, we're usually talking about Halloween costumes or Harry Potter, but to our surprise, the most recent news about witches in Ontario is actually from real events! A Canadian woman was charged for witchcraft and no, we're not joking.

A 32-year-old woman from Milton, Ontario was arrested and charged on October 18th.  She was charged with witchcraft, fortune telling, extortion and fraud over $5000. 

The Halton Regional Police began investigating earlier this year when one of her victims came forward and revealed she had been defrauded over $60,000 by a psychic. 

Dorie "Madeena" Stevenson was running a business called "Milton Psychic" located in Ontario. 

Following Stevenson's arrest, a search warrant was issued and local police were able to recover more evidence from her place of business. Detective Sergeant Dave Costantini said in a press release that victims were manipulated into believing that something bad would happen to them unless they remit cash. 

Victims were tricked into giving Stevenson money and gifts in exchange for getting cleansed. Costantini says that victims purchased gifts such as new cell phones, jewelry, appliances and gift cards and had to remit them to be cleansed. 

The victims made these purchased under the belief that the items would be returned, but when they weren't, the suspect relied on the victim's embarrassment in not contacting the police. 

Source: In Halton

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