The right lane of the southbound Don Valley Parkway is blocked right now because a burned-out car is currently suspended in midair off the Leaside Bridge. Drivers passing through the Millwood Road area can see the car dangling by cables at the peak of rush hour. 

But, no paramedics or police are on scene. Toronto Police initially suspected that the car was part of a movie shoot, but no permit was issued and the whole thing remains unclear. But, it seems like the whole thing was planned very carefully. Unfortunately, no A-list actors have been spotted (yet).

Toronto Police has also issued a traffic alert, 
and drivers heading south on the DVP this morning can expect backup around the Don Mills area.

Needless to say, commuters are pissed that they weren't warned about the stunt in advance. The DVP during rush hour is already excruciatingly slow, so everyone's wondering why they couldn't wait a few hours to block off the southbound lane. Here's what Twitter has to say about it:

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