It looks like the US is no longer the only country where reality TV stars can become politicians.  Kevin O'Leary, Toronto business man and former judge of CBC's Dragon's Den, announced this morning that he would run for conservative party leadership.

O'Leary posted a video to his Facebook page where he made the official announcement. "What an opportunity we have in this country," he said in the video. "Such an opportunity to turn it around. I'm excited. It's time."

O'Leary is a late addition to the race, which already has 13 candidates vying to lead the conservative party. As CBC notes, O'Leary does not speak French, a fact that may become an issue for him as he campaigns in Quebec.

The vote for conservative party leadership will take place this May, so we'll have to wait a little while longer to see if O'Leary will go head to head with Trudeau in our next federal election.

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